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At The Window Landscape Talks,
Territories of Fire exhibition,
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Cortiçada Art Fest
is a Manifesto for Change

Cortiçada is a Manifesto for change in the Pinhal Interior Landscape with different actions:

  1. A Landscape Art Route shaped between significant places of the interior. In the mountain, Farol dos Ventos (Wind Lighthouse), in the urbal public space, Véu (Veil) and, next to the eater valley, Moongate.

  2. Conversations at the Window Landscape, online videos on the future of interiority with artists, architects, chefs, illustrators, landscapers, nature lovers of the Beira. The mottos of these conversations are Art, Nature, Entertainment, Culture and Crafts.

  3. The Cortiçada Weekend from 31st July to the 2nd August, a streaming festival with 3 concerts, 3 workshops an the inauguration of the 3 landscape Art works.

  4. The Cortiçada Week, a creative festival of outdoor workshops with Cunqueiros village hospitality, enjoying the river beach and the genuine character of this shale site and local wine cellars.

  5. The International Competition of Recycled Timber - Party Spot in Cunqueiros, for students and newly graduated (architecture, design, landscapers). The winner project will be built during the cortiçada Week. Regulation, jury and award to be lauched soon.

Cortiçada is a Manifesto for Change in the Pinhal Interior Landscape conceptualized by MAG - Arquitectura e Urbanismo, promoted by the counties of Proença-a-Nova, Sertã and Oleiros and supported by DGARTES.